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The Klymit Luxe Pillow is perfect for fussy sleepers . This luxury camping pillow solves the problem that everyone likes a different kind of pillow. What makes the Klymit Luxe Pillow so great? Expanding cushioning – sized almost as big as your pillow back home Soft polyester top – delivers all-night comfort and sheds grams while maintaining appropriate durability Rugged bottom – superior tear, puncture and abrasion resistance where its needed Soft cradle design – the thoughtfully designed weld pattern helps lift and stabilise your head for a supportive sleep Hybrid fill – air and lofty polyester fill combine for optimal support, insulation and cushioning Adjustable height and pressure – add or release air to raise or lower pillow height and adjust firmness for customised comfort Easy to inflate – it only takes 3-5 breaths to inflate this pillow Included storage bag – sized specifically for your pillow to maintain compactness and provide protection while traveling. Grab the Klymit Luxe Pillow if youre after a luxurious sleep in the outdoors. It's great for casual camping and light enough for backpackers craving extra comfort.